Welcome to World Jet Virtual Airlines, register for an account and join the community.  To book flights, go to the fights page and provide your departure and destination airport with your name.  Please try to download our liveries and use them while you fly.  Each pilot will be ranked on the number of hours of flight that they have.  After you complete a flight, the hours for that flight will be uploaded within the next 48 hours.  Training session will be available for those who want it, just contact and admin.  We will try to have events often for all of us to fly together.  World Jet airline also provides ATC services to those who request it.  Thanks for joining World Jet VA.  

Our Fleet:                             Liveries not ready yet 

If you fly a plane that isn't here contact an admin to add it to the fleet.  

Boeing 787-8

This aircraft can be found on this page from the Omega Hangar (preferred):  


or fromt he Flightgear page, but it is suggested you learn to fly the first one.  



A very fast jet that can travel at twice the speed of sound.  We recommend that you look in the Flightgear wiki for very specific instructions on how to fly this aircraft.  


Cessna Citation X
One of the default Flightgear aircraft that is fun to fly.  It is a nice, little private jet that can be used for regional flights.  

Airbus A330

This version of the A330 is from the Omega Hangar and is one of the best aircrafts on Flightgear, if you know how to fly it correctly. 


Here is a link of checklists for this aircraft:  


Boeing 777

Another default plane on Flightgear, it is also one of the best and most flown aircraft on the sim.  


Boeing 747-8i

It is recommended that you fly the VIP versions of this aircraft, as they are much better than the original ones from Flightgear.  



This aircraft is currently under construction.  Navigation Display needs to be added.  Update it weekly for newest updates while under construction.         https://github.com/it0uchpods/MD-88

Boeing 707

This aircraft has 4, small engines, and is quite large in size.  There are many that are available to download.